The Ocean Open University commits to:

  • raise awareness among students and faculties,

  • improve their knowledge and ways of thinking related to the current and future states of ocean,

  • promote the urgent need for sustainable and integrated ocean/coasts & small islands policies at each relevant territorial level.


A partnership with the Senghor University has been signed to develop a first MOOC (French language with English subtitles) on "Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Areas", aired during the Fall 2020. 


Courses are also offered under different forms adapted to local needs: reverse courses, webinars, local courses, etc. Partnership with universities allows the graduation or the certification. 

An international team of teachers has been formed and is constantly updated. It offers high-level human resources to design and build curricula and syllabus.

The broad network of the Ocean Open University provides opportunities for post-doc training, from universities to companies, as well as mentorship

Current courses offered

MOOC Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Areas:
  • Integrated Ocean Foresight
  • Human and social settings

  • Blue economy components

  • Ecological requirements

  • Legal frameworks

  • Tourism and sustainable coastal development

  • Fisheries and fish farming

  • Maritime transports

  • Ports and logistics

  • Marine areas governance and management​