In order to help professionals to face the ocean/coasts & small islands current and future issues, the Ocean Open University develops skills training under different forms:

  • remote training, through webinars and a platform giving access to pedagogical resources (articles, bibliographies);

  • in-situ training, intra-company or community, from a 2- or 3-day session to a whole week, worldwide;

  • educational coaching, to help people or organizations to design their own training plans;

  • summer schools, to allow professionals to meet and exchange about the main issues they are facing and the best practices they develop, esp. in an international context.

Current courses offered

  • Foresight and its applications to marine ecosystems:
    1. Basic training in operational foresight
    2. Advanced training in Integrated Ocean Foresight
  • Sustainable development of tourist coasts:
    1. Coastal tourism engineering
    2. Tourist coasts, sustainable development and climate change in the Mediterranean
  • Sustainable fishing
  1. Sustainable marine farming
  2. Integrated coastal fishing​
  • Safety issues in maritime transport
    1. Security aspects of the maritime transport ecosystem
    2. Securing ships, cargo and ports