There is a need to create awareness among various audiences, ranging from the public at large to very specialised constituencies, depending on the topics.


Various types of conferences and workshops can be designed and delivered by the OOU such as:


  • Conferences on effects of climate change on ocean and coastal situations in defined areas to alert concerned populations as well as public authorities;

  • Hands-on conferences (conference + participatory workhop) on the impacts of disruptive changes on ocean-based activities (transportation, ports, fishery, etc.);

  • Expert workshops on legal aspects of ocean resources’ exploitation (oil, biomass, etc.) to inform specialised groups of industrialists, technologists, etc.

  • Pedagogical material specifically prepared for raising awereness on given topics.

Our conferences are designed as mind stimulating and ideas boosting processes. We use dynamic tools such as short videos and advanced visualisation techniques (prezi, mindmappers, etc.).

Whenever possible, small creativity workshops are also organized in order to give the participants the opportunity to further elaborate on topics presented at the conferences.