The turbulent, changing context that affects today ocean and costal issues requires new, agile, and rapidly operational approaches. Ocean Open University strives to offer adapted services.


Our team:

  • Focuses on operational, action-oriented solutions to identified questions or needs, with both international and national expertise;

  • Offers a mix of professional and academic competences;

  • Can intervene anywhere in the world, and is able to deliver its services in French, English and occasionally in Italian and Spanish, based on its multicultural experience.

Ocean Open University' services fulfill four basic functions: mind opening, action training, change making, and pioneering:

mind opening

Action-oriented conferences and workshops addressed either to specialist audiences or to the public at large.


For instance, conferences on legal aspects of new ocean biological resources, or workshops on foresight methods applied to oceanic systems and issues.

action training

Training sessions provided to public and private sectors’ managers with case studies brought by participants.


For instance training sessions on coastal tourism engineering, or maritime transport security issues.

change making

Field interventions helping decision makers.


For instance for coordinating public bodies such as island development programmes, problem solving of issues requiring quick reactions, such as algae eruption


Research work including horizon scanning and working paper on unexplored ocean-related issues.  


For instance, a multipartners study to clarify competitive notions and setup a new common referential.